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How you can help.

Please consider one or more of the following acts of support:


Donate online by clicking below:


Donate to NYCLI by check made out to:

The New York Child Learning Institute
123-14 Fourteenth Avenue
College Point, NY 11356

Match Contributions

Find out whether your business or organization matches employee contributions by contacting your human resources department. If they do, please send us the "matching grant" forms along with your contribution.

Donate Items

Donate instructional, leisure, or office equipment or supplies. If you are a corporation, we'd love to talk to you about donating "last year's model" of your product line -- be it skates and scooters, or computers and classroom equipment.


Participate in our various fundraising activities as listed on our website. This can be a fun way to contribute.

NYCLI is a registered nonprofit organization and gratefully acknowledges your tax-deductible contribution.

For more information call 718-321-3800 (718) 445-0752 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..













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